Nine One Ten is a for-profit venture primarily acting as a aging advocacy service.

Transitioning from one stage or condition in life to another can be a very confusing and tumultuous time. As the Baby Boom generation begins, now, to celebrate birthday 65*, there will be an increasing pressure on already stressed resources. New strategies, combined with established effective efforts, will have to be employed. Nine One Ten exists to assist, serve and succeed.

For example, today, we at Nine One Ten are spending the bulk of our time helping people understand their relationship with Medicare (as well as their over-all access to our health-care infrastructure and reform). Further, to that end, we have become licensed so we can provide the individual with the most complete, honest and accurate information on what insurance companies offer. Once the individual is comfortable with their options and decision, we can complete the process with their chosen Medicare plan; eliminating their need to worry about having to establish yet another relationship with someone new and likely unfamiliar.

Medicare is complex and “getting it right” for tens of thousands of seniors is quite literally the most important matter for their life, health and security. These are real people in real situations. The following is not intended as any kind of value judgment or condemnation, but agents have a bottom line to meet and many aren't choosing to specialise in Medicare policies at all. We can no longer assume people are being advised regarding what they really need and can afford. We acquired our licensure so our clients don't have to be “sold” insurance.

Concurrently, and, frankly, in order to have and offer the range of skills, ideas, knowledge and passion this journey and work does and will require, Nine1Ten is building a team of highly qualified, spirited and savvy people. It is our singular purpose to apply our best effort and work. We will act with care, honesty, integrity, efficiency and joyfulness as we do our best to enact a complete approach to our aging population. Indeed, we are all 65, if you will. Each of us has some contact and relationship with someone older than ourselves. Their condition is, ultimately, our condition.

Too, let us remember, aging does not begin at 50, 60 or 65. All of us are aging. Each of us, in one way or another, at one time or another, will need help from our communities. Nine One Ten understands this. We are here to share. We are here to help. We are here to participate. We are here to do.

A demonstrated mother and son team, Karen Wood (M.A. Gerontology) and Ramey Wood (M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies) have worked together on many projects over the years. In the late summer of 2010, the two decided it was time to combine efforts and commit their whole attention to this work- and Nine1Ten was born.

With the same spirit and enthusiasm, Nine One Ten continues to gain momentum. This unique venture is not only preparing to meet the waves of economic, environmental and social transitions that are coming, we will be “bringing the fight to them”.

We are onto something very special here with Nine One Ten. We look forward to sharing it with you.

*8,000 people/day are currently "aging in"; the first “Boomers” are slated to officially cross this threshold beginning this next year.



Karen Wood

Ramey Wood